Additional opportunities for your e-commerce success.

With additional tools that pay off.

From checkout conversion optimization to credit check.
Don’t leave anything to chance.

Checkout conversion optimization

Sub-optimal checkout practices cost web traders dear. In 2015, it was estimated nearly 152 billion USD world-wide.

We provide you with smooth-working tools that are designed to optimize your conversion rates.

This includes perfectly structured, functional and user-friendly payment forms, an appealing and trustworthy shop design, as well as smooth and customer-friendly transaction processes.

Our add ons are easy-to integrate into any shop system, ensure a positive customer experience and help you increase success with your web shop.

Credit checks

In Germany alone, a staggering 10% of users have negative credit ratings – a majority of them causing transaction disturbances. In addition, there are cases of fraud.

Effective online credit checks help web merchants avoid these risks. They provide you  with important up-to-date information about the current solvency status of existing and new customers.

Our reliable add ons enable you to conduct real time solvency checks already in the checkout phase.

Reports and analysis for web shops

Reports and statistics help you analyze Customer Journeys through your web shop.

This means you will learn how customers behave, what they like and what actually not. Furthermore, it allows you to eliminate potential barriers that have the potential to restrict your online business success.

With our report and analysis tools, you can extract important and relevant data from existing sources and export them into neatly arranged Excel tables.

In addition, the tool can also be easily adapted to your logistics system..

White label reports

Our add ons for white label reports provide resellers and agencies of all sizes with critical data on customer experience.

Enabling the optimization of web shops for the market, they will be highly appreciated by your customers.

In addition, they allow for the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of webs shops as well as for the efficient management of online campaigns.

Customer loyalty and bonuses

It is always more economic to bind existing customers instead of winning new customers.

Incentives and customer loyalty programs are vital for your success in e-commerce

We provide tools for the optimization of order and delivery processes, the reliable management of returns and refunds, for achieving better accessibility of yours services, the increase of customer loyalty through bonus systems, and many more.

Further add ons

We offer additional functions that can be used to further optimize the already very high security standards of our payment gateway.

They will allow you to block certain credit card numbers, names, domains, IP or Class C addresses.

Furthermore, they enable you to set purchase limits or cut-off times for orders. This allows you to prevent fraud and misuse in a highly targeted manner.