The whole E-Commerce Payment.
From a single source.

Solutions for all shops

Our payment solutions can be easily and easily integrated into any existing web shop system. This, of course, includes high-selling systems, generating the most income in Germany’s retail sector, which range from 464 and 5,984 million euros per year (source: EH). In addition, we serve all international web shop systems.


Our E / M commerce solutions offer true plug-and-play. They can be easily and quickly integrated into any shop of any size. Individual plugins for additional functions can be installed easily and without problems. They enable, for example, the optimization of conversion rates, credit ratings, logistics, customer loyalty or bonus programs. Everything is immediately ready for use. You don’t have to install local programs. All in line with our guiding principle: Just take care of your online business, and let our solutions do the rest.


Payment systems should be designed to grow web shops of e-commerce business models. We provide you with payment systems for all existing web shop systems. The spectrum of features ranges from credit card acceptance, Paypal integration, billing, lashing procedures and many more. Thus, we enable you to adapt your business to changing and growing customer expectation and optimize your customer experience. Visitors become customers – and customers become regular customers.


Our integrated risk management enables you to run your internet business in a highly comfortable manner. It includes best practices and technologies in fraud detection, fraud prevention, and security control. In addition, it is also based on an intelligent control of the business transaction processes (Intelligent Transaction Control). They are designed to effectively protect all your business transactions against fraudulent shopping and losses through payment defaults.


Our service spectrum also offers you the easy and smooth integration of your payment account as well as your existing acceptance contracts. Here, too, we offer security at highest levels. Of course, at your request we will gladly organize additional accounts or acceptance contracts for you. You can use our service also for your international business and transactions – for borderless success in e-commerce.

A broad variety of add-ons

We offer you additional functions and features that can be used to further optimize the already very high security standards of our payment gateway. This allows you to block certain credit card numbers, names, domains, IP or Class C addresses. It is also possible to define maximum amounts for purchases or lock times between different purchases. This allows you to prevent fraud and misuse in a highly targeted manner.

There are many reasons speaking for PaymentGarage.

Web shop operators of all types and sizes receive fair payment services from us at fair prices – designed for their success in the online trade. More info here.

Developers get easy options for the smooth integration of tools and plugins into almost every existing shop system available. More info here.

Resellers benefit from our broad variety of banking solutions and efficient application processes that save time and labor. More info here.