Secure acceptance of credit and debit cards.

Customized, flexible, easy-to-integrate solutions.

Holding the best cards in e-business.
By making the best use of the most popular online payment method.

Profitable, transparent, flexible

Advantageous conditions

PaymentGarage is your Merchant Service Provider for giving access to attractive contracts with leading acquirers of card acceptance contracts. The spectrum also includes alternative payment methods such as instant payment. Thus, we provide you with advantageous access to all usual and up-to-date payment methods.

Transparent billing

Billing of transactions is processed with concerned issuing bank via the acquirer. They are in charge to keep track of the fees and charges charged for the services used.

Direct disbursement

Transacted sales will be directly disbursed to you by the acquirer. As your Merchant Service Provider, we will not be encountered with your cash flow.

Certified security

As your Payment Service Provider (PSP), PaymentGarage will be responsible for the smooth processing of payment transactions. All our partners have the necessary security certifications. They conduct the comprehensive annual security audit according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) at the highest level 1.

Highly customized solutions

We are your trusted payment service provider, offering you the possibility to choose those payment solutions that work best for your business. You tell us what you require at the current stage of your business development – and we adapt our solution to your current shop and system. Thanks to the full scalability and integration capability of our solutions, adaptation is simple, fast and easy to carry out.

Ease of integration

Technical processing is carried out via our PMG Payment Gateway, a successful Pay On / ACI platform. ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) interfaces are based on centralized automation and policy-driven application profiles. This setup enables us to offer you the easy integration of our solutions into your shop system, full scalability of performance and hardware.

Full support, optimum price-performance ratio

Europe-wide card acceptance

Online shoppers are not restricted by national borders. As a consequence, international e-commerce is experiencing rapid growth. With Payment Garage you can benefit from this development. To do so, we offer you Europe-wide card acceptance.

All common cards

We enable you to offer your customers the possibility of easy payment via all common debit and credit cards. This includes, among others, credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, UnionPay, Amercian Express and JCB, as well as debit cards like Maestro, V Pay and Visa Electron.

Quick disbursement

Our PMG gateway ensures that you get your money in a timely manner. In addition, our solutions also offer highest, certified security standards against fraud and payment defaults caused by fraudulent shoppers.

Support you can rely on

With our extensive experience and selected, trusted partners, we can provide you with advice and service to help you ensure the smooth operation of your e-commerce business model. The range of support ranges from the process of the implementation and integration of our solutions to the further operating processes around the payments.

Optimum price-performance ratio

Thanks to our efficient and well thought-conceived structure, a high level of automation and optimal partner selection, we, as your PSP, can offer you a best in class price-performance ratio. This also means that you can always rely on help and comprehensive support at every stage of the life cycle of your business model.

Guarantee of disbursement

Our level-1-certified standards guarantee you a high level of security of disbursement. All transaction sums will be disbursed to your account directly by the issuing banks of the card providers.